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Mayor’s column 14 May 2020

It is now a year since I accepted the great honour of becoming your Mayor. Who would have thought the year would end in such a totally different way to how it started?

My family first came to Frome in 1962 so I can remember a lot of what ‘old’ Frome remembers. When I moved away for work, I kept in close touch with family and friends in the town and came home as often as I could. I watched Frome’s economic decline with great sadness but the town I returned to live in had picked itself up and adapted to changing circumstances far better than most in similar positions.

When I took on the role of Mayor, I said I would try and accept, where possible, any invitation in Frome, or that involved Frome people. I only have the job for a year so thought I should try and give 100%. Little did I know how many events this would include!

Despite my long connection with Frome, its residents never cease to surprise and delight me. I knew I would forge close links with the ‘old’ established clubs, schools, churches and social organisations that have always been here, but I also came across many ‘new’ organisations that have found our town welcoming and accepting, and a place where they can thrive. For example, I did not know we had a school for Finnish children in the town and was delighted to attend their Christmas party and learn of their activities. I found them through our wonderful Multi-Cultural Festival which, every year, celebrates the more than 60 different nationalities who now call Frome home.

I am very proud to have been given the opportunity to serve Frome as your Mayor. Please stay safe.

14 May 2020
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23 January 2021
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