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Mayor’s column 12 October

It’s so wonderful to see Frome becoming more and more diverse and multicultural. Having people from different corners of the globe makes a town feel more alive. And how encouraging that people from outside the UK have chosen Frome as their home. I’ve been talking to Young People Frome who organised the Multicultural Frome event. They have counted 40 different languages here in Frome, amazing!

The event is this Sunday at the Cheese and Grain, 12 – 3pm. Young People Frome have been calling for people to get involved by sharing an aspect of their culture or heritage, in whatever form they like. As a result there will be lots of varied activities for everyone to take part in on the day. African drumming, Polish singing and Chinese lantern making. Origami and calligraphy workshops, and of course food and music from all corners. It’s going to be a huge, family orientated celebration of culture I’m flabbergasted that they’ve managed to squeeze so much into three hours, it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

As well as soaking up the culture, I fully anticipate being in complete awe at some of the stories. Ben Gow will be doing a 40 minute talk upstairs at 2pm. ‘Beyond Borders and Beliefs, to Being Human’

When he was 18 Ben decided to show up and volunteer on the beaches of Lesvos helping refugees out of overcrowded boats. Almost two years later he is now in Izmir, Turkey, helping refugees create their own freedom through business and literacy.

The journey some people have made to get to the UK is truly inspiring. We can only imagine what life is like in some parts of the world. We’re all human beings and we all have stories, history and heritage, so let’s come together and celebrate living in a town like Frome, where we are all welcome.

12 October 2017
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23 January 2021
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