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Mayor’s column 06 September 2018

Ever been to a meeting that you wish you hadn’t gone to?  You know the sort of thing; boring agenda; no clear aims; everyone just talks too much and most of it doesn’t concern you anyway.  We have all been there quietly thinking, “life is too short for this – why don’t we get on and DO something!”  Well, here’s one rubbish meeting that you might actually want to attend.

At 10.30am on Saturday, 15th September, Frome Town Council are hosting a meeting for anyone interested in what can be done about litter, to share ideas and to put some practical actions in place to Keep Frome Clean.  My own hope is that a weekly or monthly litter pick is an end result.

A voluntary litter pick would not, “just be doing the council’s job for them.”  The regular council staff and contractors do the best that they can in difficult financial times, but community litter picks can clear litter from places that don’t normally get touched.  Friends of the River Frome already hold monthly picks to help keep the river corridor looking good and the Trinity Community Group clear up to good effect with the Bin it For Trinity campaign.

All it needs is someone who could take the lead and arranges where the best place to clear rubbish each week would be.  A regular pick has the advantage that everybody knows when it is; it encourages people to meet their neighbours, make friends and help clear up areas that are otherwise neglected.

If you have ideas that you would like to put into action that will encourage people to stop dropping litter then the Rubbish Meeting is for you.   For further information email info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk or just drop in to the Rubbish Meeting.

To paraphrase a famous slogan: Frome Rubbish Meeting Needs You!!

6 September 2018
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23 January 2021
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