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Market Place – Boyle Cross project makes good progress

Work at the Boyle’ s Cross is well under way. Fences and signs have gone up, temporary delivery bays have been installed, protection has been put up around the cross and the earth works have begun. This means there is now a big hole where the parking spaces were.

The excavation will enable the installation of a concrete chamber that will house the fountain pump.  The steel sheet piles have arrived to support the excavation work on the pit and the chamber will be arriving in early September. Peter Wheelhouse, project lead said “Good progress has been made so far. Once the concrete chamber has been installed, attention will turn to the other elements of the scheme including forming the steps, seating, kerbing and paving works. To ensure that Apple Lane is as safe as possible for pedestrians diverted along it, the paving has been pressure washed and Frome Town Council are also going to install a temporary hand rail to make it easier for those that are less able bodied to walk up this slope. We really hope that the public embrace the project and bear with us whilst the work is carried out.

Discussion is ongoing regarding the replacement of free parking following the recent voicing of concerns by some town centre businesses. Mendip are investigating a number of possibilities and it is our understanding that an announcement will be made as soon as the options have been considered.”

Whilst the maintenance of street lighting remains the responsibility of Somerset County Council, out of goodwill, the Town Council has fixed lighting at the bottom of Cheap Street and has also instructed its electrical contractor, Lawrence Fairfield, to fix the street light outside of Café La Strada. FTC is also preparing to install some bulkhead lighting to improve the lighting alongside the banks.

The Cheap Street traders have been featured on the Discover Frome website with the aim of increasing visibility and to encouraging more customers to the street. To see the shops on Cheap Street go to the Discover Frome website.

And for more information regarding the Boyle Cross FAQ’s go to www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/boyle-cross-remodelling/

29 August 2017
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19 January 2021
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