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Local businesses sought for Frome’s Home Improvement Fair

On Saturday May 19th, Frome Town Council will host the first “Don’t Move, Improve” show at the Town Hall. Building on the previous Frome Open Homes events, this exhibition, at the recently refurbished Town Hall, will be an opportunity for home owners to speak to architects, designers and contractors who specialise in home renovation, redesign and improvements so you can improve your home rather than selling up and buying elsewhere.

There will also be sessions on opportunities to reduce energy bills in rented properties. ‘Improving on energy efficiency is vital to create more affordable homes. Even where the rent is fair the bills can feel insurmountable and Fair Housing for Frome and Frome Town Council are committed to reducing living costs. This will be an interesting and informative event and will go someway to keep bills down.’ Cllr Ali Barclay

The event is free with opportunities to meet one to one with architects and designers (booking advised) as well as check out products and installers who have been involved in some of Frome’s home eco renovation projects.

Come and find out about how you can redesign your home, improve the energy efficiency for a cosier, more affordable home and spruce it with eco paints or a reclaimed timber kitchen.

And if you are a local trades person involved in eco renovation, or you would like more information about the event please get in touch.

Email fromehomeimprove@gmail.com


12 February 2018
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12 February 2018
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