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Latest from the Council Chamber – Council Matters, 24th February 2021

The Council Matters Meeting started with a welcome from Chair, Cllr Sara Butler, followed by questions and comments.

Cllr Anne Hills announced that she had received an email from Mendip District Leader Cllr Ros Wyke confirming that the sale price for the freehold of the Boyle Cross transfer would be a nominal £1.

Cllr Rich Ackroyd raised that The Retreat footpath application had been deferred at Mendip District Planning Board and suggested that Frome Town Council informally re-approach the developers at this stage to discuss the possibility of the path again.

Marketing Manager, Rachel Griffin introduced the newly updated and future proofed Frome Town Council (FTC) website. Marketing Officer George Tomlinson gave the meeting an overview of the new site and pointed out that one of the most important features was that the new website was now fully accessibility compliant. To learn more and see the new site, please visit the Frome Town Council website or watch the meeting presentation on FTC’s YouTube Channel.

Next, Economic Development & Regeneration Manager & Deputy Town Clerk, Peter Wheelhouse outlined budget approval for Covid related improvements at the Cheese & Grain to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken so that it can reopen safely as a premier music venue and social facility in Frome as soon as the Government gives the go ahead. Plans involve installing a ventilation system in the main hall.  As FTC has the long lease on this asset and want to support the reopening of the venue the proposed investment was agreed. We look forward to the improved environment on its reopening, read the full report here.

This was followed by Environment Manager, Chris Stringer giving a presentation on the Management & Improvement plans for the Old Showfield and New Road. He explained what had been achieved in the space since the last reviews such as parkrun being introduced, lots of planting of hedges and trees and the addition of gates around the Showfield Play area. Next steps included both sites being part of the town’s upcoming play strategy, developing relationships with residents by New Road play park and groups using the Showfield. Find out more here.

Finance Officer, Hannah Paniccia shared an update on FTC’s finances she concluded that despite the impact of the Covid pandemic in terms of Town Hall hiring activities and unbudgeted expenditure FTC remains financially sound with adequate funds assets. You can find the full details here.

Chris Stringer gave a further report on what has been happening recently in the town’s parks and green spaces. The list was extensive from footpath improvements at Millennium Green, more bat-friendly solar lights and new share boxes being built and installed as well as tree works and hedge cutting. Read the full report here.

Rachel Griffin then gave an update on the Town Hall and the forecast income deficient forecast as a result of the Covid pandemic. She also summarised her expectations of when the Town Hall will be ready to welcome visitors and when marriages will be able to return. Read Rachel’s update here.

Finally, there was a short Health & Safety update which gave an overview of outstanding claims, accidents and ongoing risk management activity. Chris also discussed how FTC are supporting the Police with the Government’s lockdown restrictions for our parks and green spaces including in skatepark at Mary Baily. Find further information here.

The agenda and details of everything mentioned above can be found on the meetings page. For dates of future meetings visit the Council Committee and Meetings page. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep updated on everything we’re up to.

25 February 2021
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25 February 2021
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