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Keeping cool at home this September

Who knew we would be blessed with such glorious weather this September! We’re enjoying an unexpected heatwave so here are some top tips to stay cool as we approach the autumnal months.

Did you know that improved home insulation and triple glazing are really important for keeping your home cool as well as warm? The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has been working with Frome Town Council and the Healthy Homes project to support Frome do just that and has a full range of tips and tricks for keeping cool during hotter weather, all whilst keeping costs low. 

In really hot weather CSE energy advisor Katie recommends that something as simple as placing bowls of water around your home will keep the air cool. this method for cooling hot air indoors, as well as freezing a hot water bottle and placing it in bed sheets, to help with sleep in the event of extremely hot weather. Methods such as these reduce the need for solutions such as air conditioning units and fans, meaning you can save money and reduce overall energy consumption.  

Lisa, Project Manager at CSE, also suggests being mindful whilst using other appliances – “If you can, avoid using anything that heats up like irons, cookers, hobs, hair dryer etc.” Understandably, using these appliances is sometimes unavoidable, but reducing their use in the warmest temperatures will help to keep your home cooler and save on your energy bills. 

CSE not only suggests tips and tricks but can also advise on triple glazing and insulation grants, to help support low-income families with saving energy and keeping costs down.  

Frome Town Council’s Healthy Homes Team are dedicated to providing free energy advice sessions alongside the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Drop-in sessions are available from Frome Library to support residents in saving money and gain knowledge on making the home more energy efficient. The next scheduled session is:  

Wednesday 20th September, 10am-4pm  

If you can’t pop into a drop-in session at the library, you can call CSE’s helpline for free advice on 0800 082 2234 or book a home visit with a Frome Town council energy advisor on 01373 480391. Keep an eye for the Healthy Homes page for further dates later on in the year.

For more information, visit the CSE website, or the Healthy Homes page.

7 September 2023
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7 September 2023
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