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Help shape Frome’s future energy landscape

Update 11th March – this event has been postponed. A new date will be announced shortly.

Do you feel passionately about energy one way or another? The way we use energy is changing – just think about the growth of electric vehicles!  The way we generate energy is changing too. It will soon be cheaper to generate our own renewable electricity from wind, solar and hydro than buy it from the national grid. In the future, we’re likely to see a distributed energy system in which we get our power not – as now – from a handful of large power stations, but from a network of smaller renewable energy developments, some of which will be situated in our own neighbourhoods.

And now it is time to have your say.Picture of wind turbines on the horizon

Frome Town Council and the Centre for Sustainable Energy who are experts in this field are organising a free workshop, ‘The Future Energy Landscape for Frome’, on Saturday 14th March.  It’ll look at the pros and cons of different forms of renewable energy. The aim is to work towards a consensus on what is important to our community. In short, we’ll be discussing what we value in our communities and ideas on how we can both save energy and generate it. It is a whole day workshop and we hope to get representatives from across the town.

Councillor Paul Horton is a passionate advocate for renewable energy but recognises that not everyone is as keen.  He said “These kinds of events are really useful to help inform us as councillors about what is important to the people of Frome as we make difficult choices in the face of a Climate Emergency.  I would urge you to come and take part in what should be an inspirational and informative process”.

Come along & help shape Frome’s future.

Published 25/02/2020

25 February 2020
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19 January 2021
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