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Get involved as The Arts take centre stage

Following on from the high level of interest in the series of panels hosted by Frome Town Council in 2015, this year sees the formation of new panel dedicated to performing arts in Frome and the surrounding area. The new panel meets for the first time on Thursday 28 April at The Assembly Rooms (Christchurch Street West) at 7pm.

Performing arts poster 28 April venuesPanels are a unique way of working and are special to Frome, they can become a dynamic and open way to engage and share experience with councillors and the wider community. As with previous panels the Performing Arts Panel is open to the public, the Town Council really wants to call on those people locally who have interests and skills to get involved. The Panel will be reporting back and making recommendations to the Town Council in October.

Cllr Al O’Kane who chairs the panel said “We’re going to hold six meetings with the first meeting being dedicated to the subject of ‘venues’. As with all panel meetings everyone is welcome to attend, and I’m particularly keen to engage with owners and staff from pubs, bars, clubs, concert venues, theatres, galleries, cafes’, village halls, community spaces and studios.”

He adds “The objective of the new panel is to identify ways that the Town Council can help maintain and support the development of the performing arts scene in Frome and the surrounding area so for any venue that puts on performances or would like to do so this meeting is a must.”

The group will be looking at what is good, what can be improved, what people and organisations need, and what the Town Council might be able to do to help.

Councillor Al O‘Kane, who has been the driving force in putting this series of panels in motion continues “Together with the other councillors involved we’re really looking forward to hearing from all aspects of the performing arts scene in Frome. Our town is so rich in creative talent, but with the government cuts in the arts over the last few years, it’s about time we had a chance to voice the issues we face, and hopefully discover ways of helping each other. Whether you’re involved with music, theatre, bands, dance or poetry, comedy, visual arts or any alternative and emerging art-form – you’re welcome to come along and have your say. This has never been done before and is new to everyone – so I’ve no idea what’s going to emerge – what’s important here, is that we all have an opportunity to get involved with supporting and positively developing our local performing arts scene.”

The panel meetings have been divided into six sections focussing on specific aspects of the arts:

28 April: Venues meeting – open to everyone, especially those who work with, within or run a venue/performance space in the town or surrounding area – from theatres, music venues, art spaces/studios, to pubs and village halls.

May: Performers meeting – open to all performance artists, musicians, actors, dancers, theatre companies, visual artists, bands etc.

June: Industry professionals – everyone from promoters, festival organisers through to technical bodies (i.e. sound engineers, lighting etc.).

July: Performing arts charities, organisations and groups – open to all charity/community groups and local organisations within the arts.

August: Audiences – open to all members of the public, local gig/theatre goers and residents.

September: Roundup – this feedback meeting will look at how the Town Council can move forward from everything they have learned at these individual meetings and put together the recommendations to be put forward to council in October.

For further information email admin@frometowncouncil.gov.uk or visit  www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk

Dates are yet to be confirmed for the other meetings listed, however these will be issued soon on our website.

25 April 2016
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19 January 2021
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