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Frome’s Favourite Tree – Bath Street’s Cedar of Lebanon

The people have spoken, Frome’s Favourite Tree is the Cedar of Lebanon on Bath Street.

This stoic and beautiful tree has clearly won the hearts of many in the Town. It’s friendly over-hanging branches offer shelter. The Town Centre location makes it a familiar sight to locals, and a welcoming  presence to visitors on their approach down the hill.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who offered their nominations for Frome’s Favouite Tree, and also to everybody who got online and voted. It’s been uplifting to hear your heartwarming stories. We’re proud of our town’s trees, and we’re glad you are too.

The purpose of this project was to celebrate our trees, and also to support the tree charter, which will be launched at the beginning of November. You can still sign the charter online or here at the Town Hall. By simply providing your signature you are supporting trees nationwide, the planting of new woodlands and the protection of existing forests. For every person who signs a new tree is planted somewhere in the UK.”An ancient tree, resonant with places far away, cleaning the air and providing shelter in the heart of town.  Beautiful shape and foliage, and makes cedarwood ‘roses’”

25 October 2017
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25 October 2017
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