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Frome Renewable Energy CoOp’s first project switches on

Frome Renewable Energy CoOp (FRECO) welcomed a good crowd of investors and supporters to the Frome Medical Practice on 19 August to celebrate the installation of 560 solar panels on their roof.  This is the first project of the new CoOp to reach completion.  FRECO Director Peter Macfadyen described it as a rare Win Win Win Win “…for the environment with electricity produced from the sun; for the Medical Practice which will save over £60,000 enabling them to continue a range of special initiatives in the community; for energy projects in Frome which will be funded with over £200,000; and for the Frome investors who receive an excellent return….”.  FRECO is a not for profit Community Benefit Society.

FRECO is now working to complete a new stand at the Community Football Ground, and is seeking additional roof spaces in and around Frome.  FRECO Chair Anna Francis said “We have a long list of potential investors who missed out first time around when we raised over £300,000 in a week.  We can move fast to benefit the community in so many ways if we can find roof space.  FRECO covers all the costs of investigating potential sites as well as installation – ideally we are looking for over 300 m2 to enable us to bring these very significant benefits to Frome”.  Please contact FRECO through their website www.freco.org or 01373 475574.

21 August 2015
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19 January 2021
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