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Don’t Bin it, Share it with your community

Frome Town Council is supporting the launch of the UK’s first community fridge. It will be managed by Edventure Frome. Based at the Loop de Loop building near the library (a unique micro café and museum space in redundant urinals), the fridge will be open daily from 8am – 8pm to enable anyone to share food they won’t be able to use, and for anyone to help themselves to food that would otherwise be wasted.

Anna Francis, Resilience Officer at Frome Town Council explains “Most of the food waste in the UK is avoidable and could have been used or eaten had it been better managed. What would happen if there were a way of avoiding such waste by sharing our surplus food? The Community Fridge will allow people to share quality leftovers say from a dinner party, big food shop or food that they just haven’t had time to consume. We hope the fridge project will minimise waste and be a source free food – accessible to everyone.  It will be a chilled, clean and safe space, and monitored by trained volunteers.”

For health and safety reasons the fridge will be unable to accept raw fish, eggs and meat.  Packaged or canned goods cannot be past their use-by date.

The project is set to launch 30 April at 12-noon at the Loop de Loop, Cheese and Grain car park Frome. People are invited to bring along food or see what the fridge could offer them. From then on, the fridge will be open every day 8am – 8 pm located at Loop de Loop cubicle 3.

Would you like to volunteer as part of the Community Fridge team? Contact fridge@edventurefrome.org for more details or to express your interest.

Find out more about the project in greater detail here.

Contact Anna Francis for more information on Frome Town Council’s resilience projects.

29 March 2016
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19 January 2021
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