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Council Matters (21 Feb 2018)

7:00 pm 21 February 2018
10:00 pm 21 February 2018


  1. Apologies for absence, declaration of Cllrs interests and minutes from the last meeting on 1 November 2017
  2. Questions and comments from the public and Cllrs
  3. An update on the future of the Millennium Green, in particular the ancient Sycamore tree that recently shed a limb. Click here to read the report.
  4. To review the management plan for The Old Showfield. Click here to read the report.Appendix 1 – The Old Showfield Management Plan
  5. An update on expenditure and income against the budget and a forecast of the year end financial situation. Click here to read the report.Appendix 2 – Internal Auditors Report
    Appendix 3 – Income and Expenditure
    Appendix 4 – Balance Sheet
    Appendix 5 – Payments over £500
  6. An update on the progress of PB projects in 2017/18 and plans for 2018/19. Click here to read the report.
  7. To consider whether to recruit a new Marketing and Tourism Apprentice. Click here to read the report.
  8. An update on Health and safety matters, including live insurance claims. Click here to read the report.
  9. Cllrs will consider whether to appoint the Finance and Administration Apprentice to a new post called Finance Administrator. Because this item concerns a specific member of staff, this part of the meeting will be in confidential session and the press and public will be asked to leave.

Approved minutes 21 February 2018

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