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Council (17 Jul 2019)

7:00 pm 17 July 2019
10:00 pm 17 July 2019

To Members of Frome Town Council

Mark Dorrington (Chair), Rich Ackroyd, Ali Barclay, Lizzie Boyle, Sara Butler, Rob Collett, Anita Collier, Maxine Crawley, Nick Dove, Sheila Gore, Anne Hills, Paul Horton, John Nelson, Andy Palmer, Steve Tanner, Scott Ward, Andy Wrintmore

1. Apologies for absence, declaration of Cllrs’ interests and approval of the minutes from the last meeting on 15 May 2019
2. Questions and comments from the public and Cllrs
3. For Information – Extending the cycle path network from Frome onto Westbury and Warminster
4. For Decision – FTC’s position on the rollout of 5G. Click here to read the report.
5. For Decision – Establishing a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change. Click here to read the report.
6. For Discussion – Ideas for the 2020-2024 Strategic plan. Click here to read the report.
7. For Decision – Appointing a Chair to the Grants Advisory Panel. Click here to read the report.
8. For Decision – Appointing a Deputy Chair to the Planning Advisory Group. Click here to read the report.

Following the meeting:
Mary Baily Playing Field Trust AGM & Theodora Ann Le Gros Trust AGM
Click here to see the agendas.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Wynne, Town Clerk
Frome Town Council
Frome Town Hall
Christchurch Street West
BA11 1EB

10 July 2019

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 25 September 2019 at Frome Town Hall.

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17 April 2019
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10 December 2020
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