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Elections 2015

Election results:

Please see below the results of the General and Town and District elections for Frome below.

You can find out more information about results here on Mendip District Council’s website and a map of all the wards here

Somerton and Frome Constituency result for web

Declaration – Frome – Innox

Declaration – Frome Berkley Down

Declaration – Frome College Ward

Declaration – Frome Highpoint (3)

Declaration – Frome Highpoint

Declaration – Frome Keyford

Declaration – Frome Park

Declaration – Frome Oakfield

Declaration – Frome MarketDistrict Council results:

Frome Oakfield Ward:

Helen Sprawson-White Liberal Democrats Elected

Frome Berkley Down Ward:

Joanna Beale Conservative Party Elected

Eve Berry  Conservative Party Elected

Frome College Ward:

Adam Boyden Liberal Democrats Elected

Mike Rideout Conservative Party Elected

Frome Keyford Ward:

Shane Collins Green Party Elected

Alvin Horsfall Liberal Democrats Elected

Frome Market Ward:

Stina Falle Green Party Elected

Des Harris Green Party Elected

Frome Town Results:

Frome Berkley Down Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Ali Barclay Independents for Frome 857 Elected 1
Joanne Beale Conservative Party 708
Eve Berry Conservative Party 728
Colin Cobb Independents for Frome 839 Elected 1
Gary Collinson Independents for Frome 853 Elected 1
Adrian Dobinson UK Independence Party 376
Edwina Larner UK Independence Party 280
Tracey Rustell Liberal Democrats 578

Frome College Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Richard Ackroyd Independents for Frome 962 Elected 1
Jean Boulton Independents for Frome 908 Elected 1
Adam Boyden Liberal Democrats 682
Carole Bullen Conservative Party 677
Christine Cockroft Liberal Democrats 433
Mike Rideout Conservative Party 760
Alex Shingler Liberal Democrats 473
Nick White Independents for Frome 1047 Elected 1

Frome Highpoint Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Gordon Alexander Conservative Party 103
Tricia Golinski Independents for Frome 270 Elected 1

Frome Innox Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Sheila Gore Independents for Frome  394  Elected 1
Sheila Nicholson Conservative Party  157

Frome Keyford Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Kate Bielby Independents for Frome 1353 Elected 1
Andrew Eyers Liberal Democrats 364
Felix Fitzpatrick Conservative Party 469
Pippa Goldfinger Independents for Frome 1429 Elected 1
Alvin Horsfall Liberal Democrats 487
Terry Latchem UK Independence Party 323
David Oakensen Labour Party 365
Richard Pinnock Liberal Democrats 390
Heather Wride Independents for Frome 1192 Elected 1

Frome Market Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Beverley Andree-Bazerman Conservative Party 328
Blanche Farley Labour Party 250
Alan Glover Liberal Democrats 277
Criss Glover Liberal Democrats 194
Tim O’Connor Independents for Frome 1024 Elected 1
Mel Usher Independents for Frome 995 Elected 1

Frome Oakfield Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Theresa Clark Labour Party 148
Toby Eliot Independents for Frome 614 Elected 1
Samantha Latchem UK Independence Party 171
Cath Puddick Independents for Frome 491 Elected 1
Helen Sprawson-White Liberal Democrats 465
Hilary Thomas Conservative Party 253

Frome Park Ward:

Candidate Party Votes Results IfF C LD
Damon Hooton Liberal Democrats 443
Peter Macfadyen Independents for Frome 752 Elected 1
Margaret Merrill Liberal Democrats 372
Al O’Kane Independents for Frome 562 Elected 1
Catherine Richardson Labour Party 211
Sharon Snook UK Indpendence Party 299
Derek Tanswell UK Indpendence Party 314
Charles Wood Conservative Party 548
Total 17 0 0
27 March 2015
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27 March 2015
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