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Do you want to be a part of something truly exciting…?

Selwood Academy have announced that they will be supporting the Bloodhound’s team (Richard Noble, Andy Green), who in 2015, plan to smash the World Land Speed Record in South Africa. During the preparations for this inspirational attempt they also want to enthuse the next generation of Scientists and Engineers with an iconic educational project.

Selwood have set themselves the challenge of not only raising £5,000 in 5 weeks to deliver the Bloodhound project but also to provide the next generation with creative, relevant and enriching educational developmental opportunities.

To achieve this they are asking for support and involvement of local community and businesses. Funding will help bring the Bloodhound Supersonic Car to Selwood and Frome, enable the young people to access this experience and give local business a fabulous opportunity to make a difference to the community they serve.

If you are able to sponsor the event financially, or offer support in any practical way they would like to hear from you. You may feel you could help with staffing activities (Bloodhound Ambassadors),
contribute to a display of career opportunities, provide inspirational material for the young people or offer a talk/presentation on related topics. All support you are able to offer will be enriching and valued.

Contributors will receive an invitation to a VIP Launch Evening to be held at the Academy and will engage fully with their chosen area of expertise. Of course, the British Bloodhound land speed record car will be central to this event to attract interest and this will be on display at the school during the launch evening and throughout the week. What a fantastic photo opportunity for any local business!

In addition to this, they will publicise all company contributions in their annual reports and newsletters as well as publicity for your company on the Academy web-site. They will also have some signage in recognition of those that have supported the project at the actual event.

If you are interested in supporting this fantastic project for the local school children, please send an email to office@selwood.somerset.sch.uk for the attention of Melissa Singer/Phil Brook.

Please visit the website for more information www.bloodhoundssc.com

27 March 2014
Last Updated
19 January 2021
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