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Mendip YMCA – Housing

Mendip YMCA – Housing advice and support for 16-25 year olds.

“As a YMCA, we are part of the largest provider of safe, supported accommodation for young people in England and Wales.”

If you are currently homeless, or threatened with homelessness, you can access support by:

Contacting or visiting a P2i (Pathway to Independence) Hub.

P2i hubs are based on a one-stop shop model with access to District Council Housing Options Teams, County Council Leaving Care Workers, Targeted Youth Support Intervention workers and experienced and knowledgeable provider staff in some areas.

A P2I Hub operates in each District serving as the main access point to these P2i services and will provide advice and information on a range of issues and provide assessment, co-ordination and support to people aged between 16-25yrs (inclusive)

Find your local Hub

If you are referred to YMCA Mendip & South Somerset, they provide 100+ units within a range of supported housing projects, alongside single, shared and emergency accommodation within the Mendip & South Somerset area.  Offering a home and support needed by young people to develop skills, prepare for independent living and access to training, education, employment and social & leisure opportunities.

Move-On Move Out Scheme (MOMO) – applicable to all ages

Deposit Scheme – applicable to 18yrs+ (in Mendip Council area)

Tenancy Accreditation Scheme – applicable to 18yrs+ (in Mendip Council area)

Resettlement Support

Move On Scheme – applicable to 16yrs+ (in Mendip Council area)

Landlord Scheme (in Mendip Council area)

To find out more visit the website.

6 May 2021
Last Updated
18 May 2021