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Crowd-funding campaign to honour Esther

On 11 November Forced Walks launched a crowd-funding campaign to conclude a recent project ‘Honouring Esther’ which remembers Esther Brunstein and other women who were forced to walk from a slave labour camp near Hanover in Germany to the Nazi death camp at Bergen-Belsen in February 1945.  A walk between Frome and Bath earlier this year, exactly 70 years after the liberation, was supported by Frome Town Council with the then Mayor, Peter Macfadyen accompanying the walkers on the walk.  Peter Wheelhouse was also involved in memory of the part his late grandfather played in the liberation of Belsen.

The project concludes in Germany with a two day walk 4th/5th February 2016.  The walk will follow the actual route of the march that Esther Brunstein and others survived, bearing witness and expressing solidarity with all refugees. You can check out the crowd-funding campaign here, the project has 28 days to raise £3000. Forced Walks: Honouring Esther. Germany. 2016  Funding will be used to build the network, support the production of print materials, document the walk, support logistics for the walk and an online exhibition.  All backers will be invited to an end of project event.

Organisers Richard and Lorna are especially keen to engage with walkers, artists, those working with refugees and anyone wishing to share second and third generation experiences.

16 November 2015
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19 January 2021
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