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Carla Collenette

Frome Town Councillor
Care of Frome Town council Frome Town Hall Christchurch St W, Frome BA11 1EB
Independents for Frome
Declaration of Interests

Carla was born and bred in Somerset but left in her 20s to ‘explore the world’. Like many people, she returned home when she started a family. Frome feels like a town with a heart to her and it’s been her experience that people in the community care for each other, care for the town and are passionate about protecting and improving it.

Carla wanted to become a Town Councillor with Independents for Frome (IfF), as she thinks that IfF has shaken up local politics and shown that a Town Council can improve people’s lives, rather than just being a bureaucratic black hole.

Carla is also driven by an awareness that not everyone who lives in Frome experiences it as positively as she does and wants to work with the community so that everyone feels able and willing to improve the town in ways that are meaningful to them.

10 May 2022
Last Updated
13 September 2023