Street lights

If you have a problem with street lights on an area of land adopted by Somerset County Council, you can call them on this number:

0845 601 0939 Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. You can also fill out an online form.

When you contact the County Council, please provide the following information (if available):

  • Your name and telephone number, in case they need to call you back
  • Where the street light is (on which road and area of Frome)
  • The number on the street light itself
  • Is the street light outside a building? Postcodes can help!

For out of hours emergency issues relating to street lights, telephone: 0845 795 9639.

Examples of out of hours faults include:

  • exposed wires
  • damaged/vandalised equipment
  • loose fittings in the ground
  • failures of large areas of lighting, like on a major road or roundabout

Mendip District Council may have responsibility for street lights on District Council owned land, like car parks, parks and play areas (not owned by Frome Town Council).

Somerset County Council can advise if the light you’re reporting is on County or District Council land. If the light is on private land, then the landowner is responsible for maintaining the streetlights.

Requesting new street lights

If you would like to request a new street light please contact Frome Town Council, with as much information as possible.

Moving or removing street lights

Requests to have a street light moved or removed needs to be put in writing. If you would like to request a street light is moved or removed, please email or write to them at the address below:

Mendip Area Highway Office
Wells Road
Somerset, BA6 9AS

21 October 2015
Last Updated
30 January 2021