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Community Fridge remains open

The Frome Community Fridge located in the Market Yard car park has remained open and bountiful during the second lockdown and will continue to as we enter tier 2, albeit with some special measures in place to keep everyone safe.

The refrigerated fridge door has remained locked to prevent contamination caused by using the door handle and therefore no food is currently being stored in the Fridge.

However, the Larder next door is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.  The door is propped open during opening hours so there is no need to touch anything other than the food you take.

Volunteers are washing and sanitising the site frequently with every visit.

To keep everyone safe, please remember to:

  • wash or sanitise your hands before and after taking items
  • respect social distancing rules when waiting to collect items
  • wear a mask if possible and only handle food that you will take
  • do not touch food then put it back.

There are new signs at the Fridge to remind everyone of how to keep safe and the amazing team of dedicated volunteers and one co-ordinator keep the fridge stocked up and running smoothly.

The Frome Community Fridge is there for everyone and is used by between 70 and 80 families per day who save about one tonne of food from being wasted every month.

Cllr Anne Hills said: “This is such a great community asset, not only by helping to reduce food waste but being able to supplement the weekly grocery shop at times like these and in the run up to Christmas is a great idea”.

Don’t forget, there’s also the community space up at the Mount who also run their own larder and fridge, which is well stocked, further details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/FOMMK

26 November 2020
Last Updated
19 February 2021
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