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Climate & biodiversity: Frome takes action

It has been 5 years since Frome Town Council declared a Climate Emergency and set a target for the town to become carbon neutral by 2030, followed by declaration of Ecological Emergency in 2021.  A meeting will take place at the Cheese & Grain* on the 19th July at 6.30 for the town to come together, look at what action has taken place around climate change and biodiversity, the progress we have made and what individuals, groups and businesses can do to create a greener, healthier and more resilient town as we head towards 2030.

There are a whole host of organisations, individuals and community groups across Frome working to address the climate and ecological emergency in their own ways- from reducing their own carbon footprint, to protecting green spaces, gardening for wildlife, fighting for better public transport, and working to reuse materials and keep valuable resources within our local economy. The event will be a chance to find out about these projects in more detail, and how you can get involved as well as sharing ideas for further action.

Cllr Fiona Barrows, who is leading the Climate and Ecological Emergency work programme and is also a member of the Green and Healthy Frome Board, the Allotment Association, and Broadway Community Garden Association said “When we declared a Climate Emergency, we committed Frome to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. But the truth is that as a Town Council we simply don’t have the power to get us there or even anywhere close. We are doing what we can, but we need to work together as community to respond to this crisis, and the ecological emergency, before it really is too late.

It can be hard to know how to get involved, or where to put your time and energy as it all feels overwhelming, but the most important thing is do something, and something that you are genuinely interested in too! I love growing food, both for myself and as part of a community, so I’m dedicating myself to increasing Frome’s food resilience through community growing projects.

This meeting is an opportunity to look at what we are currently doing as a town, where we can do more, and how we can help each other too. So if you are already involved in climate action in anyway, would like to be, or are simply interested in what Frome is doing, then please do come along and join in!”

The meeting will aim to draw together knowledge and experiences from people across the town and ask how action is relevant to us as individuals, organisations, businesses and a community.  It will also lead to questions about how we best adapt as a community to the changes brought about by climate change and biodiversity loss. A light supper will be served so let us know that you are coming, all are welcome.

Please note the change in venue to the Cheese and Grain.

15 June 2023
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6 July 2023
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