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Choose Play in Frome

Incorporating play into our lives has proven benefits, both physical and emotional, and the feelings that play can conjure up are important to our wellbeing and is important for all ages. In our busy lives do we make enough time to play?

Frome Town Council have launched the Choose Play campaign. They are working with Children’s Scrapstore to explore the town’s playfulness through a strategy that meets the diverse needs of all its residents.  They have been busy conducting a short survey, you may have seen them at Playday and Picnic in the Meadow, they are unearthing how Frome chooses to play, and enjoy their free time. The information gathered will then feed into a wider play strategy for the town.

Cllr Anita Collier added: “It’ll be great to hear how the residents of Frome spend their free time playing. Playing is not just for kids, young and old alike can benefit from adding more play in their lives. And let’s think outside the box, the survey is just a starting point. Play isn’t just about certain activities like visiting the park, you can make everyday activities playful such as tidying up into a game, so let us know your thoughts.”

The short survey is open until the end of August, and the Choose Play team will be out and about across the town and at events chatting to residents or you can fill the Choose Play survey in online.

29 July 2021
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29 July 2021
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