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Boyle Cross scheme – questions and answers

Frome Town Council is pleased to announce that the appeal against refusal by Mendip District Council (MDC) of planning permission and listed building consent for improvements around the Boyle Cross monument has been successful. Due to the large number of questions we have received about this appeal, we have provided some frequently asked questions. Please see below:

Boyle Cross FAQs:

  • What is the purpose of the Boyle Cross scheme?
    • To create a safer, more inclusive and attractive town centre – for the detail please read on
    • preserve and improve the setting of the Boyle Cross monument and other listed buildings
    • provide a high quality natural stone paved area for use by the public
    • provide new seating
    • improve highway and pedestrian safety
    • enhance the facilities for the current market and other events by providing a more level site and power
    • all these measures have the potential to generate more footfall and trade for town centre businesses in the future.
  • What provision will be made for people to cross the road more safely?  The Boyle Cross is part of a wider project to improve the Market Place including new courtesy crossings in locations where people try to cross, traffic calming measures and other improvements.  The Boyle Cross scheme allows for these crossings to be installed at the bottom of Bath Street and between the Boyle Cross and The George.  All these measures are subject to technical approval by the County Council.
  • What about the buses? The wider project envisages some adjustments to the bus laybys so that buses will no longer jut out into the carriageway and hold up the flow of traffic when buses arrive at the same time on either side of the road.
  • How are disabled drivers affected?  A number of disabled parking spaces will continue to be available outside The George.
  • How would we prevent vehicles from parking on the new public area? Provision will be made for setting up markets and other events through the use of demountable bollards but at other times, the bollards would prevent parking on the paved areas.  A loading bay will be created to enable deliveries to be made at other times without affecting the market/event/seating areas

The view from above the Market Place on a typical day:


20 December 2016
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19 January 2021
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