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An Extraordinary Story Comes to Frome

A unique and inspiring event is coming to Frome on Monday 16th July. Paul Allen who co-authored ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ will perform an inspirational multimedia presentation that opens new conversations about how we think about our world and ourselves. 

‘The Extraordinary Story of Human Beings, Energy and happiness’ explores energy, happiness and the fascinating history of fossil fuels – from Big Bang to Big Oil and beyond. 

Paul says ‘The stories that we tell about our lives and the world that we live in are hugely important and few are bigger than the story of energy and happiness. First laid down 400 million years ago, fossil fuels have enabled human civilisation to transform fantastically but our overuse of them and the resultant climate change now conjures, for many, a dystopian ending to our relationship with coal, oil and gas.’

The Extraordinary Story of Human Beings, Energy and Happiness challenges us to radically rethink our story so that we may tell a different one. One that will give us the confidence and imagination to visualise what a climate positive future might look like and nurture a sense of collective excitement about the future.

The performance will start at 6pm and finish around 7.30pm at Frome Town Hall. Buffet is also available from 5-6pm. Tickets are £5 waged or £1 unwaged. To book a place (and food if desired) visit: www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/clean-future

The performance is preceded by a ‘Zero Carbon Towns’ event exploring how towns like Frome can cut emissions and go zero carbon.

15 June 2018
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19 January 2021
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