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Ambitious budget agreed at Council meeting

Frome Town Council has voted to approve the newly developed budget for 2018-2019 in order to finance the ambitious work programme for 2018-2019. Council Leader Toby Elliot explained:

“Frome Town Council has agreed an increase of 59p per household per month for an average band D property, which is around the current price of a single Mars bar. 77% of properties in Frome fall under bands A, B and C, and therefore will pay a smaller amount. Thanks to the increase, we’ll be able to put more money into the hands of the people who call Frome home.

For example an extra £8,000 will be allocated to Community Grants. We’re proud to be part of a town full of creative, entrepreneurial and passionate people who lift each other up and will continue to support its independent spirit.   We will see more of a focus on wellbeing with a total of more than £11,000 for projects to support for young people’s mental health and healthy lifestyles.

Looking back we can identify the things that have worked well. There are areas that need more attention and we must recognise that Frome is not a bubble and what is a priority for the town changes based on what is going on in the wider world. We’re aiming to put in place long term, locally-led solutions. Which will allow us to focus on what’s important to Frome now.

An additional £10,000 will go towards community development . We’re setting aside £4,500 for Literacy as well as £3,000 for Frome Community Education to provide English courses. A further £2,000 will be spent on sustainable transport solutions, including the School Travel Challenge a popular People’s Budget choice last year. £8,200 will provide FTC with a new Marketing and Communications and £5,500 will go towards  a necessary new vehicle for our hard working Rangers.

Part of our decision to spend more money is in response to the national policy of austerity. Funding from central government is at record low levels and will all but disappear in the next two years. As a result we support Fair Frome as poverty becomes a greater issue, help to provide electric vehicles and volunteer drivers as there is less and less funding for public transport, and we support the delivery of Health Connectors as the health service becomes ever more stretched.”

Toby then thanked residents for their continued support.

For more information regarding the budget go to frometowncouncil.gov.uk

29 January 2018
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29 January 2018
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