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A position statement regarding the battery storage planning application

Councillors at the Planning Committee on Thursday 10th August unanimously rejected the planning application made by Trina Solar regarding the construction and operation of an energy storage facility at Styles Close.

The application was brought before the committee for the second time following the provision of further information from the applicant that allowed Cllrs to make their decision.

Chair of the Planning Committee, Cllr Steve Tanner, said: “Frome Town Council acknowledges the need for battery storage and other technologies in Frome, we know that there is not currently enough provision in the grid and that this is impacting new development as well as the supply to existing users. The proximity of this development to the properties on Styles Close will have a detrimental impact on the residential amenity of those properties and the wider area. Residential amenity has a significant and valuable impact on the way in which people use their homes, and we believe that in this instance, the health and well-being of residents will be directly affected.”

Cllrs also stated that the scale of the development would directly affect the outlook of the properties on Styles Close, particularly the 5 metre high fencing. Additionally, despite assurances the committee was very concerned about the risk to public safety, not only the fire/thermal runaway but from the release of toxic gases both into the atmosphere or the nearby stream.

You can read the full response below.

15 August 2023
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15 August 2023
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