Discuss and Do

Discuss and Do is a comprehensive and unique programme of business discussions and workshops exploring and sharing information, skills and tools. These free events are aimed at helping local enterprises to develop, prosper and support each other. They are from lived examples by real businesses in town, and the forum encourages discussion and engagement on all levels. This is a chance for us to collaborate, share our experiences and work together to build stronger, healthier organisations and a vibrant business community.

Organised by Frome and District Chamber of Commerce, Frome Town Council and supported by Enterprise Mendip, Discuss and Do is a free and unique programme of events in business administration to support local enterprises.

Discuss and Do will be organised at different venues around town, running from 6pm to 7.30pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Next Event

Cloud Based Systems for Small Businesses

The Old Church School – 26th June, 6pm

Many large companies across the UK use cloud computing to streamline their work and increase their performance, but can this type of technology be used effectively by small businesses or organisations?

To be held at the Old Church School on 26th June at 6pm, this month’s Discuss & Do will be showcasing examples from small businesses who have made the switch from paper files and excel sheets to cloud based software.

This interactive session will have a panel discussion that will delve into the world of popular systems such as Asana, Quickbooks, and Hosted Desktop and will offer attendees the opportunity to ask how they work, who are they for, and why they might be useful for your business or organisation.

Discuss & Do is a free and unique programme of events in business and organisational skills to support local enterprises. The events are organised by Frome and District Chamber of Commerce, Frome Town Council and supported by Enterprise Mendip.

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Contact Charlie Orr at orrc@frometowncouncil.gov.uk for more information.

Future Events

24th July, 6pm – Lucky Dip!

What would YOU like to Discuss & Do in July? This month’s event will focus on a topic based on local demand.

Get in touch and let us know what topics are important to you.

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25th Sept, 6pm – Growing Traditional Businesses

How can traditional trades increase their profile and grow their business in the age of the internet?

The discussion will centre around examples on how the trades can increase their profile and grow their businesses.

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23rd Oct, 6pm – Wellness Programme and Wellness Culture

How you can integrate wellness at work into your company and look after your most important resource – people.

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27th Nov, 6pm – Worried About Tax

An opportunity to talk about tax, and ask local professionals those questions that have been bugging you. If you have any worries about deadlines, limits, penalties then this is the event for you.

Experienced local professionals will host practical group sessions answering your questions on the major business taxes including Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and Payroll. They will share popular tips and tricks and help you to answer the question ‘am I paying too much tax?’

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