Council Matters

Proposed draft agenda:

  1. The Old Showfield – Review management plan
  2. Expenditure against budget, emphasising areas of under, overspend and no spend at all. Recent expenditure, work related to internal and external auditors, risk management
  3. Staffing matters
  4. Overview of the annual work programme
  5. Town Hall issues and revenues
  6. Health and safety issues
  7. What are the risks to current income streams?
  • How is the precept likely to change over time as more new houses are built (although some of the major developments may be outside of the parish boundaries)?
  • What are the new sources of funding, if we foresee that precept declining or flatlining in future? The potential of crowdfunding, the internal fundraiser, Community Infrastructure levy, and what are the other sources?
  • The commitments we have on loan repayments.
  • How could budget be recut if we need to, % on staffing, % given away (which is now closer to £200k than £100K)?
  • Role of participatory budgeting.
  • Potential savings, future pitfalls.