The People’s Budget – Town Vote

The People’s Budget is about local people voting to make direct decisions about how local public budgets are spent. £10,000 of the Council’s 2019/20 budget is available for a project to be decided on by the Town Vote.

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This year we wanted that project to come from members of the public and so as part of our Have Your Say consultation we asked people:

  • What is your favourite thing about living in Frome and why?
  • What one thing would you like to see happen in your neighbourhood?
  • How would you spend £10,000 to improve the lives of the people of Frome?

We set up a working group who are reviewed the ideas and thought about how these could be put into action.  All ideas that are eligible went forwards – you can see these criteria here.

The Working Group & their role

These ideas were published on an online discussion site Your Priorities for a month until 18 September at 9am and here residents could add ideas, express support for other people’s and add comments.

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A shortlisting workshop took place to select five of these ideas to go through to a public vote. We asked for volunteers to take part in this event and invited a group of these volunteers from different parts of Frome to make this choice.


The shortlisted projects for 2019 are: Intergenerational project connecting the generations through the things that they love; a youth workers Project; the Frome Bursary, to support young people’s access to arts, sports and music opportunities; an Accessible Community Allotment; Frome voice, a project designed to bring the community together.

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