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Winter is coming

We may be experiencing soaring temperatures right now and with the promised energy price increase coming this autumn, help is at hand as Frome Town Council (FTC) is providing some free energy advice sessions this summer to support residents to reduce their energy bills.

As part of the Healthy Homes programme in conjunction with Frome Medical Practice, FTC has arranged for the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) to offer some 1-2-1 telephone sessions on Friday 26th August. Their trained and knowledgeable advisors are available to answer any questions about about lowering energy bills, home insulation or dealing with energy debt. The session is free, and you can book your space here.

Not only that but there are two planned drop-in sessions; on Friday 16th September, 10am – 4pm at Frome Library and the return of the Easy Wins Energy Café at the Town Hall from 9am- 12pm on Saturday 1st October.

Cllr Anne Hills said: “We’ve been running these sessions for a while now and have been able to help residents of Frome make small changes to their homes to ensure they’re as energy efficient as possible as we head into the latter part of the year. I realise the sun is shining currently so it might feel strange to think about this now, but I urge you to book an appointment or drop in at one of the sessions. You’ll get free invaluable advice about how to update your home so that your energy usage is more efficient – with the energy prices going up again we should all be doing this.”

The CSE will be able to advise on any grants and funding that might be available and guide you through applying. In a recent review, the programme had helped 583 Frome residents, many of whom have had energy efficiency measures installed leading to a town wide combined financial saving of £84,800, with an average saving of £514 per household.

For more details on how you can gain access to free energy advice information head over to our Healthy Homes page.

10 August 2022
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10 August 2022
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