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Wild Bunch Column – Why not make a nature-based resolution this year?

This is Jenny with our latest Wild Bunch column. Why not make a nature-based resolution this year – let’s make our own patches better for wildlife.

One resolution that can be easily ticked off is taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on the 27-29th January. This is the world’s biggest wildlife survey we can all take part in it. All you need to do is contact rspb.org.uk/birdwatch. All the information required is there.

It’s exciting to watch birds at this time of year as we have the opportunity to see different bird visitors to our shores. Birds migrate impressive distances to come to the UK mostly following the same routes. They come primarily to feed here. How these tiny birds migrate these vast distances is still being studied, it is thought they use internal mechanisms to find their way following landmarks like coastlines. This is not always possible if there is no coastline for instance. It is thought that they can detect the earth’s magnetic fields and use their sense of smell, but it is unclear how they manage to cross deserts etc. It is an amazing, impressive feat of nature right on our doorstep. Look out for winter visitors including red wings, waxwings, fieldfare, bramblings, barnacle geese and others, who are around for this short period often leaving in March.

In Frome’s Wild Bunch we are working at ways to encourage and support wildlife in our green spaces. Feeding birds is a big part of the story, this time of year as food can be scarce and temperatures challenging. Birds find food all around our gardens and parks. It’s important to support their larder by leaving berries and seeds on plants, leaving leaf litter and by introducing pollinating plants, ponds and hedgehog highways to encourage wildlife to survive in our green spaces.

Maybe your new year resolution will involve making Frome a wildlife friendly space!

In 2023 Frome Wild Bunch are delivering bird box building sessions for streets, bringing kits for neighbours to build together and install in the best spots for their nesting bird residents.

They need some practical support to deliver these sessions, people who would be able to help others use power tools and put the simple kits together. It will be easy, sociable and satisfying work, probably a couple of hours a month.

If you’d like to volunteer, they are running a straightforward training session in Victoria Park on Saturday 28th January 10am – 11am.

You can sign up here.

For more information visit the Wild Bunch page.

16 January 2023
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16 January 2023
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