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Wild Bunch Column – our first column

We all know the importance of attracting wildlife into our gardens. Whether it be creepy crawlies, wildflowers, birds or hedgehogs, we can all do our bit to provide a welcome refuge for the amazing range of British wildlife. The good news is that the Wild Bunch are here to help! Started in 2021, our volunteer-led initiative works with Frome Town Council (FTC) to inform, support and celebrate Frome’s gardens as wildlife hot-spots. The Wild Bunch meet monthly and anyone can attend, either in person or via Zoom. Information can be found on the FTC website regarding dates and topics. We are a friendly (as well as wild!) bunch and can offer support and expert guidance on subjects ranging from wild flowers to butterflies and hedgehog houses to natural pest control. Whatever your query, we have the answer!

Sadly, wildlife has been in drastic decline in the British countryside over the last 50 years and, according to the State of Nature 2019 report, it continues an unabated downward trend. The latest findings show that since rigorous scientific monitoring began in the 1970s there has been a 13% decline in the average abundance of wildlife in the UK. Modern mono-culture farming methods, pesticides, herbicides and wholesale habitat loss have squeezed the UK’s wildlife to such an extent that many species are considered at risk of being lost from our shores. Gardens are an increasingly important habitat so join us in making Frome’s gardens a vibrant oasis of creature comforts.  In our series of Wild Bunch columns, we will share some advice on how we can enable wildlife to thrive in our gardens and neighbourhoods.

For the next column, Wild Buncher Simon will be sharing the delights of his uninhibited wild garden in the centre of Frome. Until then, go wild!

The Wild Bunch page can be found here.

21 July 2022
Last Updated
22 September 2022
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