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Think Council meetings are boring… Think again!

Frome Town Council is adopting a fresh approach at its meetings and breaking with tradition to encourage better discussions with the public. A fundamental change will see discussions around smaller tables, with elected Cllrs and members of the public sitting together to discuss items on the agenda.

The next chance to see this new format is the first meeting of new Town Matters Committee on 27 July, 7pm Saxonvale Centre, Garsdale, Frome. As the name suggests, this committee is going to focus on what’s going on in the town and projects we are working on. Town Matters will also respond to requests by local people who want to discuss certain topics and what other organisations are doing in the town.

The agenda for this first meeting includes some really interesting and important topics – the main discussion will be tree management and tree planting across the town. As part of the new approach, there are also opportunities to find out more about Frome’s trees beforehand, with a guided tree walk from the Cheese & Grain between 3pm and 4pm; and chance to see the ‘Last Tree Dreaming’ documentary at 6.45pm just before the meeting gets started.

Other matters being discussed at the meeting include: establishing a unique nature bye-law for the River Frome and an innovative self-build scheme proposed in the Keyford area of the town.

Meetings are open to all and everyone is encouraged to contribute to discussions. You can find out what’s on the agenda by visiting https://www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/meeting/town-matters/ or checking out the council’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FromeTownCouncil/ or on Twitter @FromeCouncil

Dates for all meetings can be found on the website and will be put up on noticeboards in the town.

20 July 2016
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19 January 2021
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