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The Mayor’s Column – 1st April

I’ve been really excited this week to see that Frome has once again been named the ‘Best Place to Live in the Southwest of England’ in The Sunday Times annual Best Places to Live guide – such a massive compliment!

The guide highlights Frome as: “A pretty, cobbled town that likes its shops the way it likes its politicians — independent”. I guess that’s one of the most important and exciting parts for me, that we are recognised as a free-thinking town council, and therefore capable of focusing on making this a great place to live.  And as a council we will continue to work hard with partner organisations such as Fair Housing for Frome, Frome Community Area Land Trust and Fair Frome, plus the wider community, to support residents in our wonderful town.

Frome is ideal for daily commuters working in Bristol and Bath, but many other people are engaged in local groups and activities because they care deeply about helping others. There are huge number of local groups, such as cycling and walking clubs, carnival club, model flying club and all the local sheds for men and women. There are even groups aimed at young carers. There’s canoeing in the River Frome, gorgeous riverside walks and all manner of organised clubs and classes, including angling and Zumba. Groups exist to help the hungry and the lonely too, and most of them are run by volunteers, so is it any wonder I’m proud of our town and all the lovely people in it. 

I for one, have loved Frome since moving back here in 1978.  I married my second husband and we had two sons, both of whom went to school here and now work locally. As they were growing up, I took part in so many community groups including acting as a governor at Frome College, Chair of the PTA, Trustee for Positive Action on Cancer, and many other commitments, and during that time I’ve come across so many dedicated and passionate people who happily devote their lives to giving back.

Frome has shown such compassion and resilience in this past year; we’ve always had a great community spirit, and this has grown immensely during the pandemic with neighbourhood networks springing up all over the town, residents keeping an eye out for each other and supporting our traders by shopping locally.

It’s an absolute privilege to be the current Mayor, and I’m so encouraged by the way we have come through this lockdown with an even greater strength and sense of purpose than before.  I feel confident we’ll maintain all our neighbourhood groups and spread that love well into the future.  So, well done all you businesses and traders, well done all you wonderful volunteers and well done to the whole community! 

Take care everyone!

1 April 2021
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29 March 2021
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