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Simon King & David Warburton Launch Frome’s Clean & Healthy Plan

Local wildlife photographer Simon King and MP David Warburton launched Frome’s ‘Clean and Healthy’ plan on Saturday 15 October.  The plan outlines a variety of ways that Frome can cut air pollution from transport and energy and switch to a more energy secure and healthy future.

Simon King said “Switching to cleaner energy and making homes easier to heat is a win-win. It will save households money and help to reduce the risks associated with rising carbon emissions which also impact on wildlife.”

Frome’s ambitious plans are also supported by President Nasheed of the Maldives who said “My country has no future if we continue to use energy the way we currently do. The whole island will become flooded by rising sea levels. Even in Frome increased flooding means that 720 homes are at risk. We need to work together to urgently tackle this crucial issue.”

Anna Francis, Frome Town Council’s Resilience Officer added “We know that Frome Town Council can’t do this alone. However, we also know that this isn’t ‘pie in the sky’ – countries such as Norway and India aim to switch to electric vehicles by 2030 and globally investment in renewables is sky rocketing. Towns and cities around the world are switching away from fossil fuels and the benefits are huge.”

Councillor Peter Macfadyen added “Now we know what can be done in Frome we want to work with other areas to share our ideas and approach. As part of this we are meeting the Arch Bishop of Canterbury on the 11th November. We are also working with David Warburton to organise a parliamentary session on this in the new year.”

Following the launch Robert Llewellyn who plays Kryten in the TV series Red Dwarf came to visit Frome’s community solar projects with some villagers and a film crew from BBC4. He said “It’s fantastic to see how by enabling the community to invest in local renewable energy projects everyone benefits – building owners get lower energy bills, money is generated for fuel poverty projects and community investors get a good return on their investment. I hope that our village can follow in the steps of Frome.’” The BBC4 documentary will be aired in the spring.

For more information on the plan visit: www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/cleanfuture or call 01373 475579

Photograph by: David Chedgy Photography: A Clean Healthy Future for Frome with David Warburton and Simon King

31 October 2016
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19 January 2021
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