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Run away climate change – what can we do?

Energy expert Nikki Jones came to Frome on Thursday to highlight the impacts of energy and outline actions we can all take to make a positive difference. The event was attended by more than 50 people. Nikki Jones said “If we continue to use fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal, the way we are currently doing, then global temperatures are set to increase by 6 degrees. Human life may not be viable at this level. The good news is things are starting to change and there are lots of things we can all do to help.”

Top tips include asking your pension company what they invest in and tell them you do not want your money in fossil fuels; investing positively in green energy by putting money into ethical investments – there are lots of projects available on Ethex, Abundance and Trinemostly with a 5-6% return; change your bank to an ethical bank such Co-op, Smile or Triados;  localise your consumption, reduce meat and reduce chemicals to reduce your carbon footprint; cutting down your direct and indirect fossil fuel use by wearing more clothes, drive less, turn down your thermostat and use LED lighting were possible; and consider investing in an electric vehicle – grants are available until 2018.

Councillor Peter MacFadyen, from Frome Town Council said “These talks are free, accessible and really fascinating. I would encourage everyone to come if they can. It’s easy to forget how simple things like changing to a green energy supplier can make a big difference. Carbon emissions cause 40000 early deaths a year and so switching to renewables has an enormous impact on well-being”

The next talk in the series, at 7pm on Thursday 14th December in the Town Hall, will explore the impact and opportunities presented by the UK’s energy use.

For more information see: www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/cleanfuture

7 December 2017
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7 December 2017
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