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Public Consultation Foundry Barton

Proposed next steps

We’d like to work closely with residents in developing a design for this space – and to do this we’re organising an open design meeting for January or February.

Please contact us by Monday 11 January if you’re interested in coming to this meeting.

When you do this it would be helpful if you could tell us whether an evening or weekend meeting would be better than one during standard working hours.

That way we can set a convenient date and book a suitable venue for numbers.

Register your interest by calling, emailing or coming in to see us:

Frome Town Council, 5 Palmer Street, Frome, BA11 1DS

01373 465757


Ahead of that we’d also be interested to hear from you if you have any follow-up comments or thoughts on the previous consultations we have carried out – you can see this summary here.

 And while you’re reading this…

We’re looking to keep people better informed about news, events & projects like this one. As one way of doing this, we’re setting up a number of Parks & Green Spaces mailing groups.

There’s a main group – and by signing up for this you’ll receive email updates on all of the town’s parks & green spaces.

If you’re only interested in specific parks & green spaces just tell us which ones when you sign up – and then you’ll only receive updates on these!

How to sign up

Just email admin@frometowncouncil.gov.uk with your name and your email address. If you don’t want to sign up for the main group that covers all of our spaces then tell us which spaces you’d like updates on e.g. Foundry Barton & Henley Way

We’ll only keep your details for the purposes of sending you emails relating to the parks & green spaces you’re interested in. And you can opt out of receiving the emails at any time – just tell us if you don’t want to receive them anymore.

If you’d like more information about this – or information in other ways – then please let us know! Foundry Barton Illustrative design

14 December 2015
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19 January 2021
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