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Peter Macfadyen and Council Staff Welcome Belgian Visitors to the Town Hall

Earlier this week we were pleased to host a large group of visitors all the way from Belgium.

They were inspired to come to Frome Town Council after watching a Belgian television documentary about alternative approaches to democracy which we featured in. You can find the documentary here.

The group were welcomed by Deputy Town Clerk Peter Wheelhouse and given a guided tour of the Town Hall by Project Officer Charlie Orr. The tour included the working offices, the Frome FM studios and finally our Council Chambers. The room is used for official Council meetings, projects, functions and was even transformed into an art gallery recently as part of the Frome Open Studios week.

The visit ended with a talk from Councillor Peter Macfadyen.

Peter described Frome Town Council as “Ambitious… always putting Frome first. Our instinct should be to say yes to new ideas that benefit the community”. He emphasised the importance of discussion and thorough communication as a group. “We always consult. We as Councillors are facilitating the decision-making process – to support initiatives and ideas for Frome”

In addition to his responsibilities as a Councillor, Peter also spends time with groups of people from other areas in the UK to talk with them about the possibility for open dialogue and transparency between their own community and government.

It was a pleasure to host such enthusiastic guests and we hope they enjoyed their trip to Frome.The Town Hall is open to visitors at any time, if you are a large group or have more specific interests or somebody in particular you would like to speak to, please contact us so we can arrange a suitable time info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk

The Town Matters Committee will meet on Wednesday the 2nd of August here in the Town Hall Council Chambers. View the agenda here.

Click here for a list of all upcoming Council Meetings.

27 July 2017
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27 July 2017
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