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The People’s Budget Town Vote 2021

Has your street thought about creating a hedgehog runway in your back gardens or planning a street party, setting up a tree planting programme, or having an outdoor cinema, making a play street, or a shared bike rack or share box? Whatever it is that you feel would make a difference in your street this year Frome Town Council’s People’s Budget: Town Vote is designed to support you to do just that, or whatever else your locale might benefit from.

The People’s Budget Town Vote will invite applications from projects up to £1k from street level communities within a total budget of £10,000.  These communities can be a collection of residents, businesses, a Neighbourhood Network or a School but the key to the project is it must be location based.

The projects must be deliverable in a year, have a budget, be focussed at a community level on a street or place and be bought forward by residents or community groups who are happy to work with Frome Town Council’s Neighbourhood Network Co-ordinator to support projects and to bring others from the area on board. 

The projects don’t all have to be different; it could be the same project delivered across different areas, but they do have to be identifiable location. 

Sheila Gore said: “It is exciting to see The People’s Budget move into a new phase to support smaller residents’ groups etc.  But it doesn’t just have to be neighbourhoods – any community group can apply – your school, a collection of businesses, an interest group.  The important thing is that the project is focussed on a specific area.  So, get your group together and get in touch!”

The closing date for projects is the 30th October and residents will also be invited to an online Idea Exchange led by the Neighbourhood Network at 7pm on 12th October.  Here groups can come together to discuss the merits of their projects and get support for their ideas. Each project must prove that it has community support and so all the resulting projects, if they meet our criteria, will also be posted on the Your Priorities platform for discussion.  If there are more projects then there is money there will be a Town Vote in the first two weeks of November.

To apply, read the terms and conditions and register for the event please visit the People’s Budget Town Vote page:

15 September 2021
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16 September 2021
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