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Pave the Way to build Frome’s missing links

Pave the way leaflet page 1Just two miles outside of Frome town centre lies the start of a virtually traffic free cycle route that takes cyclists and pedestrians to Radstock and then on to Bath. For a long time plans have been in place to continue this route alongside the existing railway line, onto the riverside footpath and into Frome. Over 2000 people have now signed the petition to show support.

Frome’s Missing Links (FML) has lots of positive news with various funding streams in the pipeline to keep things moving forward. The group has recently been granted CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) status and they will now benefit from Gift Aid on eligible donations. They also have a new website under construction and have recently been joined by an experienced engineer and project manager, who will be a real asset to the team. 

Their ‘Pave the Way’ campaign invites people to pay for a brick with their name or message etched onto it which will then be set into the path. The first round of bricks are now ready for production. Community fundraising is ongoing and the group are planning to link with schools via an active travel to school week in partnership with the Frome Learning Partnership. Following the Youth Conference there will also be fundraising activities run by young people.

FML work closely with Sustrans who have suggested highlighting Frome’s Missing Links as a role model for other local groups. A report will be tabled at the next Town Matters Committee meeting, identifying the challenges there are to complete the project and some possible solutions. For more information, contact either Ruth Knagg or Emma Parker.

Pave the Way Leaflet 

16 May 2016
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19 January 2021
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