Criteria for the People’s Budget Project Ideas

The People’s Budget: Town Vote 2021

Frome Town Council annually set aside a budget of £10k for town project, to be put forward by and voted on by people who live in Frome. A stakeholder group will picket projects to continue to a town vote in November.

The project must:

  • Be a one-off project
  • Be possible to do within one year
  • Be within the Council’s gift
  • Cost £1k or less in total
  • Not be religious or political
  • Benefit people who live in Frome
  • Be in line with the Town Council’s aims of improving people’s wellbeing, prosperity and or environment

Health and Wellbeing
Frome Town Council aims to see a flourishing and active community of people and organisations working together.
It wants to give everyone a chance to be included in the town’s decision making, for example giving young people opportunities to have a say.

Prosperity and Resilience
Frome Town Council will support projects which help the business community thrive, connect with each other and with the town, and provide jobs and prosperity. We are also interested in looking at projects which seek to capitalise on energy efficiency, reduce waste and or promote sustainable transport.

Frome Town Council recognises that the town’s open spaces help people stay well. Walking, cycling and places to play sport are important for both health and spending time with friends and family. We are also keen to support projects that will make green spaces more attractive, varied and easy for everyone to use.

21 August 2019
Last Updated
13 September 2021