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Old Showfield in the hands of the community

In 2012 we asked local communities what they would like to see in the showfield and how it could be improved. In total, 236 people responded with a clear message that local people want to keep the Showfield as a desirable open space that encourages family and community use for leisure, recreation and sports.

Specifically the following recommendations were made:

  • Review the mowing regime to encourage both picnic areas and development of wildflower meadows
  • Plant trees, particularly fruit bearing small trees along existing paths to improve the ‘feel’ of the area for users
  • Fence the play area to address concerns about dog fouling
  • Create a mini football pitch
  • Install outdoor gym equipment, improve the paths and explore low level lighting
  • Undertake further work with young people, who were poorly represented in participants in the consultation
  • Review seating, bins and signage, and replace as necessary

Into the future…..

We are finally about to take ownership of the Showfield which means we can start to take action!

As the initial consultation was a few years ago now, we want to make sure that the responses still hold true and that anything we do really represents what the people of Frome want to see.

We will be holding a celebration event on the Showfield in September and will use this opportunity to discuss our plans and make sure they meet the needs of the town. Watch this space and local press for more details!

If you would like more information in the interim, drop us an email on info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk or 01373 465757

24 June 2015
Last Updated
19 January 2021
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