1. Apologies for absence, declaration of Cllrs’ interests and approval of the minutes from the last meeting on 25 September 2019 and the Extraordinary Council meeting on 28 October 2019
    2. Questions and comments from the public and Cllrs.
    3. Presentation from Ashley Reay, Frome Community Speedwatch
    4. To approve the Strategy for 2020 – 2024. Click here to read.
    5. To decide whether to adopt a footpath from Weylands to Coalash Lane. Click here to read.
    6. To approve for the Wild About Trees project. Click here to read.
    7. To approve the new grants and their terms and conditions. Click here to read.
      Appendix 1 – terms and conditions
    8. To approve amendments to the Financial Regulations. Click here to read.
      Appendix 2 – Chapter 3, Financial Regulations 

Approved minutes 20 November 2019