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Mayor’s column – 8th May 2024

So here we are! My last column as Mayor of Frome. The past 12 months have been simply amazing and I have enjoyed every minute. Karin and I made a commitment that we would do as much as possible to support our town, and the wonderful people and organisations within it.

I could not have imagined that I would meet so many people, doing such amazing things.

‘This is Frome’.

I first used the phrase ‘This is Frome’ at the Frome Festival Food feast. I feel it sums up all that goes on in our community. Those three words, I hope, convey how caring this town is and how people just get on with it – in giving their help, their time and their care to so many.

I didn’t get to kiss a baby, but I did open a boxing club, threw toilet rolls into a loo, was Father Christmas for a First School, met Ken Loach and cleaned a few bus shelters. The latter I will now have more time for!

It was a real pleasure to attend many events across the town, talking to young and old, learning about their organisation and helping support their work. And, of course, to be able to say a huge thank you on behalf of Frome. I have built new relationships within our community and am happy to continue helping in any way that I can. I will still be a councillor for the next three years, so please keep in touch.

I’d like to thank the Frome Times for all their support. I once managed to appear in nine photos in a single edition – a new record, I’m told.

My Deputy Mayor, Andy Jones, has done an excellent job in providing me with backup, support and counsel, when needed. A true rock: thank you, Andy. And I must not forget to thank Sara, my predecessor as mayor, who supported me in my role as Deputy Mayor.  It was a hard act to follow, but I tried. Thank you so much Sara.

Laura Flaherty has been brilliant in keeping me on track with so many events, people to meet and all the information she has provided me. In the same vein, thank you to Lucy and the communications team at FTC for putting up with me asking so many questions and sending them loads of photos!. 

I would like to wish the new Mayor every success and I am happy to help and support them in any way that I can.

My final thank you goes to my wife and Mayor’s Consort Karin, who has supported me throughout the year. We have both enjoyed the past twelve months. It has been a true privilege and an honour to be your Mayor. Thank you.

This is Frome.

8 May 2024
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1 May 2024
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