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Mayor’s column 29 October 2020

Last week I mentioned the work of the Frome Town Council and I talked about introducing each of the Councillor colleagues that I work with so that you can get to know us all.

This week it’s the turn of Cllr Anne Hills. Anne is a former financial adviser, specialising in assisting elderly and vulnerable clients, their families and legal representatives. She has carried that interest into her current role, as one of the three Councillors for Keyford ward. Anne is the Leader of Frome Town Council for this year, working with the staff to ensure our strategy is implemented and she’d like to see that all residents of Frome, particularly those who are ageing without the support of children, are included so that no one gets left behind. If you’re in that position and you’d like to contact Anne to learn more, or if you have anything you’d like to discuss about Keyford Ward, you can contact Anne on ahills@frometowncouncil.gov.uk

I joined the Rotary Group’s Zoom meeting this week and was invited to talk about life as Mayor during Covid. It was a lovely warm welcome, and even nicer was that I realised I knew a lot of the faces.  This Frome Rotary is the original Rotary group in Frome with about 45 members and is the one which works along with Frome Lions to produce and operate Santa’s Christmas Float, that is such a favourite part of Christmas for me. We’re lucky to have three Rotary Groups in Frome, this original plus Frome Selwood Rotary and the newest addition, Frome Town Rotary. Rotary’s aim is to eradicate polio worldwide and as such uses purple as it’s associated colour. You may well have seen the Town Hall, The Boyle Cross and the Memorial Theatre bathed in purple light to mark World Polio Day on Saturday 24th October.

As you’ll know Frome is a generous town, helping to look after those less fortunate. Sadly, there are increasing numbers of people who are in need, and we’re lucky enough to have some wonderful ways in which to make their life a little easier.  Food at Five is run by Fair Frome and is now being operated as a takeaway service, free to anyone on benefits or low income, providing a hot, healthy meal cooked by Katy Harris, with desserts provided by Marston Foods, and Sugar and Spice Bakehouse. Food at Five takes place at 5pm every Monday, at Christchurch School at the Mount, Wednesdays at the Cricket Club, and Thursdays Trinity Church Hall.

I’m pleased to say the Coat Rack, next to the Community Fridge in the Market Yard, is now back open too, so if you have any coats that are no longer needed, please think of donating them so that we can make sure no-one is left out in the cold this winter.  Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed having an extra hour in bed this week when the clocks went back!  Please take care everyone, stay safe and have a great week!

29 October 2020
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23 January 2021
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