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Mayor’s Column 26th August 2021

Hello peeps! I’ve been an exceptionally busy boy since I last spoke to y’all, working full-time, celebrating my 29th birthday, attending meetings, fulfilling all manner of Mayoral engagements AND recording episodes of my podcast ‘The Giant Pod’ which can be found on all major streaming platforms including YouTube! Myself and my trusty super-producer Harry Williams are diligently recording fascinating conversations with exceptional and inspiring people for our third season, due to start soon. We are also opening the door for sponsorships to advertise to our growing global audience, so get in touch!

I’d like to briefly touch on the awful situation happening in Afghanistan. There are many members of our community who have served in Afghanistan and sacrificed so much first-hand who will have been feeling an extraordinary plethora of very deep, raw and complicated emotions, some born of trauma, some of grief, some of a questioning kind about our involvement in that region as a whole. MP Tom Tugendhat gave a stirring and inspirational speech in the house of commons last week which I found to be very powerful and moving. It was refreshing to hear the views of a politician who has actually served on the battlefield in question, all too often we must endure the empty and unqualified words from men in suits who start wars that others will die in, whom themselves couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag or secure a padlock let alone fight terrorists and the Taliban on the frontline and then try to install and maintain peace and diplomacy in a place that culturally and geographically, is another world. So, I implore you all to find this speech online, it is well worth your time. Let’s look out for our friends and family who have served at this time, I’d ask all veterans to reach out to one another and check in as only you will be able to truly relate and that may make all the difference to someone. For further support please visit www.veteransgateway.org.uk or www.mindinsomerset.org.uk.

A couple more things, the farmers market is back! I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Market Manager Louise for inviting me to come down and visit. I had a tour of the entire market, was introduced to everyone working the stalls, drank rum, tasted delicious chocolate, chilli jams, learnt a few things about mushrooms, met beekeepers and met loads more fantastic characters and impressive business owners. The market is held in the Cheese & Grain on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9am to 1pm and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Also, as of this going to print my almost 10 years with the Radstock Co-op will be coming to an end. As a lot of you know I’ve done the lion share of this in the Westway precinct in town before it’s closure and I’ve lived out my retail twilight years in the Fromefield store as of late. Shout out to the Radstock Co-op for not firing me and being flexible and forgiving when I was gallivanting around the UK, Europe and America making my drumming dreams come true with SickOnes, but it’s time for a new challenge. So, the next Mayor’s Column will be written by the Deputy Mayor Sara Butler as I will be transitioning into my new job, reading this will likely be the first she hears about it! 

26 August 2021
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25 August 2021
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