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Mayor’s Column 20th June 2023

As I write my next mayor’s column, I am in Frome’s Polish twin town, Rabka-Zdrój. We are joining delegations from Frome’s other twin towns of Chateau-Gontier in France and Murrhardt in Germany for the annual Quadripartite Twinning Meeting. This is the first time I will have attended such a meeting. Karin and I drove to Rabka as we took some further artwork of the Artists in Dialogue Connection to display during the Twinning meeting, (don’t forget to check out the display in the Town Hall which will be there until the end of the month!) I will report back with more Twinning news from the meeting in my next Mayor’s Column.

Before we left, I had the chance go to the Somerset Farmers’ Market on the Boyle Cross in the centre of town. I’d encourage everyone to check it out; there was an excellent variety of cheese, fresh organic produce, cider, honey and much more. The Farmers’ Market takes place on the second Saturday of each month from 9am – 1pm.

We followed this by taking part in the Pride Walk, it was good to meet up with organisers Rachel and Mark and to be able to support all their hard work and organisation of such an important week for Frome Pride. Following this the glorious weather again played its part in a very successful Frome Lions Summer Fete, where I had the honour of opening the fete and managed to practice my juggling at the Purple Elephant play area. Many families enjoyed the various stalls and displays as well as ice creams and hotdogs. 

But travelling across to Poland has meant I missed out on some fabulous Great Big Green Week activities. I’ve heard such great feedback and give thanks to all of the community groups that have put on the sessions through the week, whether it was walks, talks, film screenings and so on. Keeping these important topics at the forefront of everyone’s minds and remembering if we all do small changes it can make big changes for our town and the planet.

We’ve so much to look forward to in the town; ‘Shop Independent Day’ is being held on Saturday 24th June and is very important for Frome businesses. One of Frome’s unique qualities is the diverse range of independent shops and enterprises. Frome has a real entrepreneurial spirit, enabling small businesses to develop and flourish. This is vital for the town’s economy and employment plus keeping it local so please do try and support them!

Look after each other and do not hesitate to contact me or any of my colleagues if we can help you in any way.

20 June 2023
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29 June 2023
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