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Mayor’s column 19 October

When you become part of any group you run the risk of only knowing the needs and thoughts of that group… being a town councillor is no exception. But then almost uniquely town councillors have been elected to represent people so it is important that we keep in touch with a wide range of people.

Usually people write to us as councillors. Or you could write to me as Mayor. As mentioned before loads of 6 year olds from Vallis School wrote to me about things that concerned them and I went to talk to them this week to find out more and hear what they liked about town too.

To help people tell us what they think or feel, Frome Town Council has made the regular public meetings less formal. You can easily ask questions and if you are knowledgable about something on the agenda then we want to hear your advice. This year we also loosened up the process for giving grants to the many different charities and voluntary groups that do so much. We used Participative Budgeting, and set up a specific Crowdfunding site on line.

At the Council meeting last week we reviewed these different ways of grant giving. If a group you volunteer with needs a bit of support it is well worth finding out what’s changed… look online at the town council website or contact Kate Hellard at the town council.

I was away at the weekend so I missed the diversity event at the Cheese and Grain on Sunday, but I hear it was packed out! I was really sorry not to be able to be there. Many thanks to the organisers and all those taking part to make it such a brilliant event, revealing the rich mix that makes up our vibrant town.

19 October 2017
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23 January 2021
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