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Mayor’s column 19 April

As I write this the weather is still gloomy… chilly even, but there is the promise of days of sunshine and warmth! As you read this I hope you will be contemplating going outdoors to read your paper…
Months and months ago, probably a year ago I had the chance of riding on the Town Council’s electric bike. I was astonished and delighted that I could cruise up Catherine Hill with little effort. Now some may think that the point of getting on a bike is to feel good about the effort you put in and the muscle workout you get. After a day or even half a day in the saddle you feel achey but proud about what you have achieved on the road to getting fit. Now does the electric bike deliver that too? I doubt it but what you do get is the shear pleasure of being out and about moving through the country, maybe along a canal path or the Sustrans Route 24 that leads in and out of  our town, with the Missing Link gap in the middle unfortunately, and you will be outside in the fresh air rather than in a stuffy room at the gym.
There are some lovely play spaces across town for kids but there is also the adult exercise equipment to try too. You can find the equipment on the Old Show ground field near the health centre. There are instructions on how to use each piece, important to read if you haven’t used the kit before.
If you take your exercise by walking the dog you will already know the pleasure of being out in the fields around Frome. But you know what I’m going to ask… please remember the poo bags and use them! There is still a depressing amount of poo visible on the streets around town.
19 April 2018
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23 January 2021
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